Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Crazylegs Classic

The Crazylegs Classic as one of America's Best 100 Events.   And a pre run  fish fry at the lake front brewery the night before is just what we needed to get in the Wisconsin spirit of things
 Kimber and Jordan were back from AZ for the run and fun.
 We all had a great time.  :)

 We celebrated Barbs birthday and Susie and I got our polka on.
 There were just over 13000 runners and walkers participating this year.

It was nothing like I have ever done before.

Kind of like my training....
I didn't do much before.
 I started out with the running group G.

 It wasn't long before my dogs were barking.

Run, walk and run some more.

The 5 mile run is much more than I bargained for.

My time of 50:04 min.  put me at about 4004 place overall and 322 for my age group.
 I was glad to see the friendly confines of Camp Randal, the finish line, the girls and the beer.
 In Solidarity With Tibet!

OUR 2015 TEAM!

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