Saturday, August 24, 2013


 When I take the time to look back at what we've been up to since my last post, we've really been quite busy.  I'm a sucker for any C00L and unusual ride and I had to stop and admire this Smiths Ferry Fire Truck /Party Truck.

 Last weekend was the yearly Fishtival here along the Mighty Mississippi.  Once again Susie and I participated in the Bellevue War Portrayal, with a bonus Becker.   Beau jumped in at the last minute as one of the members of the Brown Gang.

While Susie and I, Mr and Mrs Bates, were among the good citizens of Bellevue.
 In the Spring of 1840 between January to April.
The war started when Sheriff Warren strode down the fledgling town’s main street with 40 citizens toward the Bellevue Hotel for the purpose of arresting the owner, William Brown, and his band of hardened criminals. A gun battle and hand-to-hand fighting broke out. When the smoke cleared, seven men, including Brown, lay dead or dying; seven had escaped; and 13 had been captured.
The next day, the prisoners faced an angry mob who would decide between hanging them or whipping them. Colored beans were used to count votes, and their lives were spared. The prisoners were whipped and put on a makeshift skiff in the Mississippi River with a warning never to return to Bellevue.

 After the war they unveiled  a huge mural depicting the history of Bellevue from the Native American tribes, the Sac and Fox in 1833 to the morning of April 2, 1840 the morning of the Bellevue war.

Enjoying a cone from Grandpas Parlor after the reenactment.

 After the unveiling of  the mural the kids got out and danced at the street dance.  I think Susie picked up a few new moves.
 Curt and the Fast Clides played up in DBQ.

 Just hanging out after hitting the Bronco.

 a couple of dummies.

A fresh batch of compost in the hoop house as we get ready for the fall/winter garden

And a fresh layer of mulch as the new plants start to come up.

A few zuc plants and lots of spinach

 radishes, carrots and some beans

And finally a picture of one of our biological pest control methods under some chives.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


  All good thing must come to an end but not without a fight.

With the start of school just around corner, Beau an I set out for a day of fishing.

 Once again, my buddy Steve was the man to turn to if you want to catch fish on the Big River.

Steve always has the boat loaded and hooked up to his VW just minutes from the boat ramp at lock and dam #12.

 We boated across to the rip rap on just below the dam.

I had no problem catching more than a dozen small, Large mouth bass and lots of small Stripers.

After hitting the rocks we went across to the sea wall along the lock and dam to try to locate some larger Stripers.  After talking to another young fisherman, Jesse.  We managed to find a school of 10 - 14 inch fish.

Jesse is another guy who grew up on the Mississippi who knows what it takes to catch fish.

Often the pelicans will school up the Shad and trigger the stripers.
 For the afternoon session we ventured north for our annual fishing trip to the Devils Backbone.

Beau had already caught a small pan fish before I had even entered the water.  He didn't stop there.

 Beau had the touch and he caught bass after bass.  Most were in the 8 - 10 inch range but he also caught several larger fish with the biggest topping the 15 inch mark.

Beau is gearing up to make the move west to Denver, Colorado.  I know it's a good move to get out and explore and experience a new part of the country.  But, the selfish side of  me wishes he would stay close to home, because I will miss having him around.

I'll be looking forward to the next time we make the run up north the the Backbone.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Ya Been Up To?

 So what have we been up to? 

Well you know that window trim that I've thought about fixing for the last 18 years.
 Not a big job and I had the red paint out to do some touch ups here and there.
 The window trim is done.

We've gotten a little time in on the bikes.

Maxine and Ace are always ready for a run back to the barn.
 Susie and I took the bikes down to Sabula to tool around the Island.  We hit a beautiful day and had a blast!
 We spotted a Uncle Pie sticker in the window of one of the bars. 
 This morning we were up in Milwaukee visiting Kendo.

We got up early to make a run down to the lake shore and worked on our cartwheel skills.
 Susie's form was a little better than mine

 We gathered up some rounded wave tumbled stones and a few nice pieces of sea glass.
 A little yoga and back to  Iowa.