Monday, May 29, 2017

Just Beaming with Excitement.

 Picked up a half dozen 6x6x12 beams and a couple oak wine barrels for some projects around home now that the school year has drawn to a close.
 Now that's a beam  11x11x11 White oak over 500 lbs.
 Now for the real work... Mart, Clayton and I took turns roughing up the cut edges with an adze to give the massive beam a hand hewin appearance.  
 Natural edge planks 3"x24"x12' 
 The old mill with its 50" blade
You must pay the rent...  I can't pay the rent. 
Meet the miller 
 Progress?  ok, primed.
 A peek of sunshine 
And a walk for the pets.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Overcast Forecast.

 I checked in on Jace to make sure he wasn't working too hard.
 Best seat in the house for Friday night music.
Up early on another Saturday to get this done.
Drywall taped and sanded.
Free form comb in Plattville

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Just Hanging Out

 Kalabasa hanging on the bar of the swing between the ginkos 
 Another end of the year field trip down to horseshoe pond
 Logan catchin poly wogs 
 I did a little catchin myself
 # 3 mepps and fish on!
 Then released
Back to DBQ to work on the row-house 

A little progress on the back deck

The neighborhood kids down the alley,  In addition to reducing stormwater run-off, permeable pavement surfaces replenish ground water and help prevent pollutants on the roadways from running off  into the storm sewer system and ultimately into the Mississippi river.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


 For Earth Day, Kathy and I took this crew plus about 125 more out to the new Prairie Creek area at the East end of Maquoketa 
 I  made time to get out and fish
 And caught trout on two different broken poles.
 I enjoy the challenge
It's hard to find the time to fish when the mushrooms are poppin up.
And BEEs, lot's a BEE's

 I also caught River and Elizabeth down at the Lock 12.  
Celebrating Pearls Birthday on Cinco De Mayo 
 Spent some time up in DBQ hitting the farmers  market.

Took the time to go listen to Nate Boultun.  Candidate for Governor.  You should too.   Our government policy makers have repealed several programs. 2018 is your opportunity to repeal a few law makers.  Be informed, listen, ask questions and Vote!
 And you may or may not have heard.  We've got a new project in Dubuque as well.
 So we've been adding a little sweat equity to the place. 
I guess you've got to have a vision.