Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hickory Grove Park

Hickory Grove Park

Third and final night at Hickory Grove Park.  The park has a 100-acer lake and I’ve caught a  1.5 lb.  bass each night… it might be the same bass 3 X  because I caught him in the same place each night .  I bet you can guess where that was ;-} 

The food has been good and plenty of it.  Tonight is the first night with some decent weather.   Fluffy cumulus clouds  and 77* with a  light wind from the NW.   The food has been great!  It reminds me of our meals in Colorado  but with out all the friends.  Tonight I had pancakes with maple syrup from our sugar bush with a egg scramble from the girls and pork sausage from Floyd the Kietels pig.

Class went well today.  Argued The Precautionary Principle  with regards to nanotechnology for bioethics, did cheek cell DNA extraction, preped and and ran a DNA
Fingerprinting lab.  And got to shoot hoops at the rec center after class.                                   Tear down camp Thursday am and finish up class in the afternoon then head back home !

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm currently participating in a 4 day Biotechnology Workshop  at Iowa State University in Ames Iowa.  Topics covered will be DNA Extraction, Bacterial Transformation, DNA Fingerprinting and Bt Corn:  Teaching Biotechnology with Transgenic Plants.  The class is covering about two weeks of class material in about a 4 day period.  The class has been great.  Lots of good info and activities that i can take  back to the class room along with some good work connections.
I've decided to camp out at a small county park.  Pretty good set up.  Right now i',m the only one using the primative  campgrounds.  The weather hasn't been cooperating.  Rain, high winds,  hail and storms both last night and tonight.  Hopefully I'll get a good day of weather on wednesday.
OK,  time for homework  Bioethics case study:  Nanotech Regulation and the Precautionary Principle,  and then i can play the harmonica.