Friday, May 27, 2011


The Shot .50
A rebutal by the dubuque co. kid

The blustery afternoon in Jackson county wasn’t the first time the paths of young Becker from Buchanan and Donovan of Dubuque crossed. T’was in the year of 84 or possibly 85 when they found themselves directly across from each other in the kitchen of a house on Olive street in Cedar Falls.

Jordan Baker, F Scott Fitzgerald’s character in the Great Gatsby said, “big parties are the most intimate.” By Jordan’s standard, the shindig on Olive was intimate indeed. As happens when young women and men are gathered in the presence of adult libations, every room in the house was full of small conversations.
As one conversation involving the young man who would latter be known as the Bernard Bullet ended for the need of refreshment, he scanned his surroundings and zeroed in on the lad from Buchanan County standing fifteen feet away deep in conversation with a girl from his astronomy class. As Becker explained how the constellation Ursa Major was place in the heavens after Zeus first laid eyes on a young nymph named Callisto, Donovan glance to the counter on his left and noticed a bright pink Frito Bandito eraser. a quick calculation of distance and the breeze being generated by the young romantic story, he tossed the Bandito in a high arch and watched it land with a prefect splash in the intended target, Becker’s near full glass of Budweiser.

With a jolt, Becker’s head came up. Not looking happy, he first looked left, and then rotated right until coming upon the glace of Donovan from across the room. Smiles were exchanged, and like the blustery afternoon in Jackson County, not a word was spoken, there was no need.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Took a little road trip Sunday with beau and susie to shullsburg wi. to pick out our new pup.  Maxine Cobert is an Ausie.  Mom is a pure Australian Shepherd and Papa is a mix, German Shepherd, Black Lab and Collie.  She has a blue merle coloring so with her hybrid status she shouldn't be susceptible to some of the ausie disorders like blindness or becoming deaf.

Driving through the back roads of  southern wisconsin makes me look forward to summer time road trips.  New Diggins  was hoppin with bikers
Sunday afternoon.  Both the General store and the bar across the street were packed.  Once i have some work done on the bus to make it road worthy i'll have to hit the digs and council hill.

Ended our soccer season last night with a hard fought battle against the  Mt. Vernon mustangs.
 We came back to take the lead but only for a few minutes.  We got several shots on goal but couldn't find the back of the net.  We've got a good bunch of boys returning next year.  oh well, more time to work with the dog now that soccer is over

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Odds and Ends

 I've covered many miles of timber over the last few weeks.  I found my first morals on good friday but they were few and far between.

This morning susie and i found about 3 to 4 lbs.

 Last sunday   Mothers day  was a beautiful day for a bike ride along the maquoketa river just 10 min. south of our house.  Marty and I packed a picnic lunch for susie and joani... bbq ribs, asparagus and moral mushroom salad and strawberries and mangoes with grand marnier.

we saw lots of wild life along the trail.  snakes, many different birds such as warblers, indigo buntings, ducks and hawks and this bandito hiding out in the hills.
 Steve and i hit rolli world for trout fishing and steve got this large mouth in the swimming pond.  i got skunked in the fishing department but i did manage to find a few morals that day.
a couple of sand hill cranes on the drive out to the cabin.

my friend jack.  it's been a busy few weeks and the summer looks like more of the same.