Friday, July 28, 2017

Family time in Flag

We were happy to be in the air after our disappointment of having our Saturday flight canceled and rescheduled to Sunday  because of a bird and lightning strike. 
 Wait!   That's not the Arizonian flag... where the hell are we?
 Du Beau and Tom
 Many rounds of pass the baby.
 Happy Mama and Kensley
 Susie's turn
Beau felt right at home with Perry

 but like everyone else he took his turn.
 We checked out all the brewery's while in Flag and Dark Sky was the best by far.  Great specials like $3 pints for locals on Monday and a great deal with a local food truck on Tuesday. 
 Monsoon season means daily showers.  Enjoy!
 Baby dance party.
No rush but Beau's got the hang of it.


 It was our first trip to Flag and I was pleased to see such a vibrant V-dub community. 
 I walked pass this guys place several times while in Flag but never got a chance to talk to him.
He's got several projects.  One is a single cab that he has parked in the back.
 I love the line
 Kensley wasn't near as excited as her uncle papa to see this westy
Advertising down town.

This daily driver rolled by the house with a guy in a suit driving.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


 We loaded up the bikes early this morning 
 With high temps and high humidity we figured we needed to be by the water.
 but we had a bit of a ride to get there
 This was our first of six portages, one way.
 Was it worth it?
 you bet it was.
 Bass and more
 Big bass 
& Doubles!
 a watchful eye
Keep out.


 Brett Dennen
Josh Ritter
 Mart and I rolled in early to set up camp
 Off the beaten path.  Sid joined us and we circled the wagons. 
 Cool night air outs side 
 but thing heated up in the Barn
 We're fortunate to have such a great venue so close to our home which brings in awesome nation wide acts.  Tonight's duo did not disappoint. 
 Coco and John stopped by for a night cap and some conversation.
and a fire.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


 Tail walker.
Beau set me up with a fly box which had a grasshopper.  It did the trick.
The Flower farmer caught a few too.

Monday, July 10, 2017


 Refreshing drinks in a cool tub
 we took our time
 Everyone was relaxing.
Finishing up with a bucolic evening walk.  

Before the Storm

 We wanted to have some folks over while Dan and Caroline were back home
 So We got the tent all set up on the deck

Tunes, light, food and
Drinks.  It looks like we're all set.  The party went off without a hitch
 The storm rolled in about 3 am
 and this is what we woke up to
We'll see what we can salvage