Saturday, October 25, 2014


Last week I took a group of 40 kids up the the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium (NMRMA) in the Port of Dubuque. 

My students attended several sessions that discussed job opportunities related to the river

After lunch they had a chance to explore the Fred W. Woodward Riverboat Museum  

Cave exploration.


Some old river rat clamming.                

 The kids got an up close look at this barge in dry dock for reapairs. 


They talked to the Coast Guard and Buck got to tryout the fire gear. 

Fall Migration with B0B

With our  Official B0Btober permit in hand, we were set for the annual ride across the beautiful rolling hills of Dubuque County Iowa.

B0Btoberfest marks the convergence of B0B and the Davis family Band, fall migration.  Which includes an Iowa football game on tv, bike riding, games of skill, food, fun and comradery.

Three chads and two Davis family members.

An impromptu nature stop along the route at the top of the hill.

Things got ugly and went down hill in a hurry.


Richard lost his head and took first prize for best costume!

Feb 1st we lost our great friend Richard.

He will be greatly missed!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Friday afternoon Clayton, Mart and I took advantage of the warm afternoon temperatures to hike the quarry trail.  Not many  people make it beyond the nature center and the butterfly garden.  But for those that do make the hike down the valley to the old quarry that supplied limestone for many of the homes and buildings of Bellevue, including Potters Mill.

 As you rise out of the valley you'll be surprised to see the remnants of the old lime kiln.

The maple canopy blocks out the summer sun preventing undergrowth along with invasives that you see up on the ridge from taking hold.

Clayton hiking through a carpet of golden leaves. 

The owner of Grandpas Parlor was out walking his Corso.

The Cane Corso is a native of Italy. He was a property watchdog and hunted wild boar. Prior to 1988, the Cane Corso was known only in southern Italy, and was considered very rare, but has still been featured in many paintings throughout Italy's history.   

This was another view of Bellevue that many folks never get the chance to see.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cultural Heritage and Food tour 2014!

 Friday after noon found Susie and I back down at lake Michigan on a beautiful day once again doing some desecrate  beach combing.

 There are so many cool rocks to choose from.
 Found this little shelter in the valley on the way down to the lake.
 We celebrated Kendo's 91st Birthday this weekend.  There was a champagne toast at dinner with all the folks at the complex. 

The girls made a run up North and got all kinds of goodies in Sheboygan like meats, cheeses, breads and pastries.

 We kept the party rolling down at the lake front brewery with one of their fabulous fish frys.

All Wisconsin All the Time!

Friday night Fish Fry complete with local ingredients and live entertainment from the Brew Haus Polka Kings! - See more at:
Friday night Fish Fry complete with local ingredients and live entertainment from the Brew Haus Polka Kings! - See more at:
 Great beer battered Polish pops and deep fried cheese curds followed by mac and cheese and beer battered cod.
Beer battered Polish sausage slices. Served with Polish mustard and cherry bacon jam. - See more at:
Beer battered Polish sausage slices. Served with Polish mustard and cherry bacon jam. - See more at:
 Oh ya, and beer too.

 I picked up a few new flies before heading to the river

The Milwaukee has runs of Steelhead, Chinook Salmon,
Coho Salmon, and Brown Trout.

I was up early  and hit  Kletszch park before the sun was up.

I didn't waders so I was stuck perched on a rock for hours like the karate kid.

But standing there in the darkness I could hear whoppers surfacing or working their ways through the shallows.

 I learned a lot just by watching the guys fishing around me.

 It was like the league of nations along the river with some Native Americans pitching large dare devil spoons, several guys speaking Polish and a large group of Asians decked out in brand new gear from Cables...

But the thing I noticed was, we all make the same sound when we loose a big salmon from our line.


Sunday, October 5, 2014


 Yesterday the temps were cool enough that we traveled through rain, sleet and snow on our way to check out yet another VW bus.

On the upside.  With the Badgers playing out of town, down in Evanston and the foul weather the farmers market was easy to get around.

Our mission was to pick up some zebra grasses for our friend Jamie and pick up some other produce and cheese.
 Then it was off to Mickies Dairy Bar across from Camp Randal for a bite to eat.

Awesome food at a reasonable price.  So, a guy won't mind waiting in line for a while just to get in the door
 Mickeys was the start of cultural food heritage tour which will continue through the month of October.

We laid a base of  Micky burgers, sweet potato fries, chilli omelet and yanks all washed down with a great cup of hot black coffee.
 My Badger girl was very happy!
 Camp Randal home of the Badgers!
 After the Bus deal turned out to be a bust.  We walked around the Arboretum for a while.

There were all kinds of great conifers, if we only had more room in our yard.
 The turkeys had their morning breakfast interrupted by this big bird.

 They weren't too frightened,  they just did a short sprint and continued eating acorns.

Susie and I both loved the Hydrangeas and fall blooming Crocus.

We're heading back up North to land of Green and Gold next weekend.  Did I mention that the Packers pounded the Vikings  :0

Friday, October 3, 2014


 MHS home coming is in full swing just ask the Thedes.  They got TPed two nights in a row.

My high school Psychology teacher my senior year was Leo Ponser.  His classes were fun and interesting.  As you walked into the class room he'd have some album cut playing. Often times it tied into that days lesson.  Mr. P was also known for his school spirit, his gorilla suit and his fight like Apes cheer.

Today the facility preformed YMCA at the pep-rally.  I didn't recall an ape as part of the Village People but the kids seemed to like it.

It was a great pep-rally and the kids really got into it!

I felt honored when the Cross Country team was announced and they mentioned me when thanking their parents and friends for their support through out the season.

 Isaiah thought the mask was the best and he was willing to follow me all around the school just so he could wear it for a while.

I thought is was a great look for him, glasses and all.
 The football mom's float.
 My friends the cross country team
 The CC Team got photo bombed by Dan the Super Fan.
As for my home coming tradition.  Each year I make it a point to get out and hit a trout stream and enjoy the early out on a Friday.

I love all the golden fall leaves in the ripples of the stream.
Purple asters cling to the side of the limestone above the stream

No fish.

The only slab today was this big old stab of limestone that had broken off the bluff.