Monday, June 18, 2018

Skaguay Power Plant

 Loaded with full packs  we took off on a father son adventure not knowing what to expect.
We arrived at the Skaguay Reservoir SE of Victor around 9:30 am.

Beau's lifted subaru handled the drive in with no problems.
as we rolled around a corner we spotted two young bucks  in velvet, to our surprise across the road was a sight we didn't expect to  see...  A Wolf!  Not our pic. but.
Our destination is the Skaguay Power Plant that produced power on  Beaver Creek from 1901 until the plant was ruined by a colossal flood in 1965. 

Our pasural hike soon changed as the canyon closed in on beaver creek, as it runs along the base of pikes peak on it's way to the Arkansas river.
Even though I had the first strike, Beau caught the first of many fish.  
We hit many types of terrain including timber and one of many river crossings.  This was one of the easy crossings  
 Boulder scrambles too
 Reaching our destination provided more questions than answers.  Like, how the hell did they get everything down in here?

Standing in the second story window of the main bunk house which was surrounded by iris and sweet peas planted almost a hundred years ago.

This is the only shot of the entire crew 
In June of 1965 the rain started and continued for 15 days.   A torrent of water crashed down the canyon  killing 21 but leaving the plant untouched.  With the pipeline destroyed the power plant was abandoned.
 After exploring for a while we decided to wet a line.  I found a great camp several hundred yards up stream from the plant.
 With a high fire risk posted for the area we chose to not build any fires at the camp site but did cook up a few of Beau's trout streamside. 

After a five mile hike, a day of exploring, fishing, swimming and a good meal we played some euchre 

 Up early the next morning, I wet a line and caught several trout before my morning coffee.
Next up Buni Vista !!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sandy's Show at the Dubuque Museum or Art.

 Tom & Jerry
 Tom & Ace  and Steve & Steve
Tom & Jerry, Greg, Susie, Ace & Maxine


 Schools out so we met up at The Backbone for a few days of ....
and Camping

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


 Saturday am the bees seemed pretty active.
The next thing I knew the bees swarmed about 25" up in the oak tree by the bus.
 It was pretty precarious up on the bus on the ladder holding the box, shaking the branch and putting the lid on before carrying it down the ladder.
 two boxes latter
 I had the Queen and a bunch of bees.
Time for a relaxing dip...

Friday, May 11, 2018


 Tuesday was teacher appreciation day.  Thanks, not too bad after our bomb threat on Monday.
 I hit the stream after school with Mart and Jace.  I caught one little brown and missed a few other strikes.
The dogs and I have been hitting the timber in search of mushrooms and we found this log with all kinds of oyster spawn just waiting to bust, 
 After this little cluster and a few singles
 I made an offering at the alter

and today after a long spring I finely got enough for a taste.
 Now it's time for Susie to take over.
And now it's time to finely time to enjoy!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

May Bee

 Nine two pound packages of bees ready to install.
 A package with the queen.
Bee bus
 Bee fore
 TSI day at Marts tree farm
Picnic on one of Jimmy Wong's early tables.