Sunday, September 24, 2017


 Beau and I have hiked this trail for over 20 years
 It's Beau who has to wait up for me these days. 
Beau at the Devil's Oven 
The descent down to the stream a hundred feet below the bluff.
 Fatman's squeeze 
 Things are pretty shallow at the first little pocket we hit.
 a vocal kettle of vultures overhead

 As we work our way down stream the water gets a little deeper and the fish a little larger
 We all know the battle for competition is fierce 
For a brief moment I had all the points.
First fish
Most species 
and two points for each Trout.
Fish netted that was four points for me.
 Then Beau wanted to make it two points for a crappie, prior to this catch.
I missed one and moments later he landed this one
Don't give up on a $3.69 lure.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


 setting trail cameras


 Getting back out on the river
 With the Governor 
 or shine
 4 hours later after 2 hours of rain and about 1/2 hour of darkness we finely make it off the river.
first of several texts on Friday 

 Friday was Maquoketa's homecoming .the parade was more successful than the game.
 After the parade I took off for the old fishing road.
It looks like they've done a little work on the back side of the boy's old place.
 Trout hooked and netted.

After a cool one or two we walked over to the memorial to look for grandpa's brick.... we found them both

Sunday, September 17, 2017


To celebrate Beau being back Susie put together a great spread of food.  Complete with one of Beau's favorites, eclairs. 
 Lady's night with Kimber back with Kensley and Alana, Steff and Cheryl.
Flying baby.
 This kid is getting bigger all the time
 Beau and Mallory looking good at Adam and Steff's wedding
The Family Becker didn't look too shabby either.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


 Marvin took us on a hay ride back down to Codfish Hollow

 Three Bands  Jay Roddy Walston and the Business,  SLEEPWALKER & 4 on the Floor
 Family photo in the gallery
 Mallory backstage
My few by the end of the evening.  :)

Thursday, September 14, 2017


 Beau went out to Roli and worked a popper with the fly rod and caught a few blue gills
 Some nice large mouth and a few small ones
 So he had already caught a few before we got the kayaks on the water at 4:30 and off just over two and a half hours later.
 Beau missed a few and caught one before I caught my first little smalli
 It was a beautiful evening out on the water and so nice to have my fishing partner back home for a while.
 I finely managed to get this 16'+ smalli in the kayak after a great fight that took me a 100 yards down stream from where I hooked him.
As always, We practice catch and release with hopes of catching a 20 incher in the future

Sunday, September 10, 2017


(Main Stage)
10:40 pm -- Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats
9:30 pm -- Bully
8:15 pm -- Amasa Hines
7:15 pm -- The Weeks
6:15 pm -- Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts
5:15 pm -- Bluebook
4:15 pm --
3:15 pm -- Ryley Walker
2:15 pm -- Jess Price of Campdogzz
(Valley Stage)
8 pm -- Hunterchild
7 pm -- Joe Sampson
6 pm -- Pearly Gate Music
5 pm -- Parker Gispert
4 pm -- Vera
3 pm -- Clarke & The Himselfs
2 pm -- Brett Netson
1 pm -- Emma Snowden
I talked a bit with Vera, Dan Acaroids daughter, after her set in the valley

 Parker from the Wigs

 I really like the sound of Miles Nelson.  His dad is Rick Nelson for Cheap Trick.
 Hanging with Coco and John

 Amasa Hines 
 With the birthday girl and our new friend from Cascade.
 Bulli a Joan Jett throw back
 Plenty of photo opps
 We had a great perch on some hay bales for the head liner, Nathaniel. What a great show.
Just part of our night!