Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Going To Need A Bigger Hat.

 An evening run down to the timber
 This is a new tree that appears to be in the right stage to kick a few mushrooms

 Looks like I'm going to need a bigger hat.
 That looks doable.
Seem like a good idea until you look down.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Now I'm Ready For The Weekend.

 Thursday evening we went to tThe Friends of the Library dinner and listened to Marjorie Swann's  presentation on Izaak Walton.
I always know it's time to get out and search for some shrooms if I run into Old Joey Hip.   He said he didn't find any but I'd say the same thing.
 Friday am I got out in the timber early and found this little gray mushroom (not the lighter)
 The only other mushroom was at the base of this elm 
 I then did some hive work and made three splits.
 To celebrate Earth Day, Mart and I hit the trout stream.
 We each caught a fish and sat in the spring grass celebrating Earth Day as we honored the legacy of Izaak Walton.
Ace and I inspected one of Susie's project for the day.  We agreed it look great!  We finished off  the evening by attending the Dubuque Film Festival

Monday, April 18, 2016


NOTE to self... When you live on the top of a hill. Make sure you have breaks on your shake down cruse. 
  I was lucky no one was in the intersection as I tried to maneuver the corner. I was hung up sideways in my seat belt (again). Crunched the passenger side pretty well. But like I told my buddy, in the big pic it's just a van and it's only money.
 Sink, fridge and gear all took a major shift to the right.
 Back to the top of the hill with the help of Clean Gene.  One of the Mennonites who live in the area. 
Both doors open and all glass is in tack.

Tis but a scratch - YouTube

Sunday, April 17, 2016


The fruit trees are ready to burst open and the bees got here just in time to get Joan and Marty's hive up and going.

 After we got the bees in Mart and I hit the trout stream.
 We each got a couple trout.
 and stream conditions were beautiful
 Cleaned  and in the creel
 This week I had my hat on when I took a panther martin to the back of the head.  Last week I wasn't so lucky.
 Another trout and set the hook.
 So much for the repair job on my fly rod and yes I landed the fish and went on to catch another with a broken tip.

 Still to early for mushrooms but it doesn't hurt to look.