Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Glad to Bee Back Home

 We had a great family gathering at Sheila and Ara's house in Denver before we busted out to Iowa.

At 3:00 am Monday morning we hit Voo Doo Doughnuts one more time.

Although we did not opt for the $8.00 bucket with the Chuy doughnut on top.
 Twelve hours later I'm back in Iowa and installing bee packages before the NCAA Championship between the Badgers and Duke.
 This morning I was up early to head over to Platteville WI to install two packages for brother Steve out on his property and Heidi and Bill the local CooP owners.
 This little guy didn't like the cool weather either.
 Joe and Anna relocated the hive to make room for their new little camper.

They have a cool little backyard.

 Donnie is a new Hive Host this year.
 I picked up Mart and we installed two packages in Maquoketa.  Then we were off to Brush creek for a little trout fishing.

I hit the big hole at the lower end of the stream while Mart fished the upper end.
  I caught a little chub which would make for some good catfish bait.   But, ya know what I was just happy to set the hook and catch a fish.
 I went up stream to see how Marty was doing.
 OK,  now I was a little jealous after I saw his trout.
 So, It was off to Rolli to get some water cress.
 I had a little better luck...
 My first trout of 2015!
 I managed to pull two nice browns out of the same hole.

The start of good things to come!

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