Wednesday, April 29, 2015

First Batch of Morels

Beefsteak False Morel (Gyromitra fastigiata) Poisonous fungi    close but not quite what I'm looking for.
 This doe has been picked over pretty well.  No rack.  Not what I'm looking for.
 This south eastern exposed hillside looks a little more promising.
 OK,  that's it.  After two unsuccessful outings I was starting to question my vision.  The kids at school have been finding a few morels here and there.
 Now that's more like it.  One hour of hoofing it up and down the hills and this is the reward. 
 Back home and with my find and then a tour around the yard.  The fruit trees are coming into full bloom and the honey bees are very active.  The grass is growing and Susie has been busy with yard work.

In for the evening and time to fry up a batch.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Crazylegs Classic

The Crazylegs Classic as one of America's Best 100 Events.   And a pre run  fish fry at the lake front brewery the night before is just what we needed to get in the Wisconsin spirit of things
 Kimber and Jordan were back from AZ for the run and fun.
 We all had a great time.  :)

 We celebrated Barbs birthday and Susie and I got our polka on.
 There were just over 13000 runners and walkers participating this year.

It was nothing like I have ever done before.

Kind of like my training....
I didn't do much before.
 I started out with the running group G.

 It wasn't long before my dogs were barking.

Run, walk and run some more.

The 5 mile run is much more than I bargained for.

My time of 50:04 min.  put me at about 4004 place overall and 322 for my age group.
 I was glad to see the friendly confines of Camp Randal, the finish line, the girls and the beer.
 In Solidarity With Tibet!

OUR 2015 TEAM!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Stocking Day.

 Schools out and I've got the fly rod in the car.

I saw they stocked at Brush creek today.  So, it's settled

I was surprised to see that there was no one on the stream this afternoon.
 It wasn't long before I saw a flash right behind my panther martin spinner.  The very next cast... Bam.  Fish on.
 Within a matter of a half hour.  I had caught and released six trout.

 About 50 /50 Browns and Rainbows.
 I got the report today that the first mushrooms were up.  My student Justin brought in nine little grays that he had found last night.

but all I found was walnuts
 Blood root.

I finished up the evening with Maxine and I  burning some leaves.

Two Days, After School Tour.

Friday, April 10, 2015

North Fork, Quiick Stop, Friday.

I stopped along the North Fork of the Maquoketa (an Indian name given to the Bear River)  The Winnebago and the Sac and Fox Indians and their enemy, the Sioux, hunted and fished in the area before the first white settlers came there in 1833.

Not the most scenic stretch of  river but a good flow, with easy access to a big bend in the river with lots of rip rap habitat.  No luck to night but I'll hit it again some afternoon.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Glad to Bee Back Home

 We had a great family gathering at Sheila and Ara's house in Denver before we busted out to Iowa.

At 3:00 am Monday morning we hit Voo Doo Doughnuts one more time.

Although we did not opt for the $8.00 bucket with the Chuy doughnut on top.
 Twelve hours later I'm back in Iowa and installing bee packages before the NCAA Championship between the Badgers and Duke.
 This morning I was up early to head over to Platteville WI to install two packages for brother Steve out on his property and Heidi and Bill the local CooP owners.
 This little guy didn't like the cool weather either.
 Joe and Anna relocated the hive to make room for their new little camper.

They have a cool little backyard.

 Donnie is a new Hive Host this year.
 I picked up Mart and we installed two packages in Maquoketa.  Then we were off to Brush creek for a little trout fishing.

I hit the big hole at the lower end of the stream while Mart fished the upper end.
  I caught a little chub which would make for some good catfish bait.   But, ya know what I was just happy to set the hook and catch a fish.
 I went up stream to see how Marty was doing.
 OK,  now I was a little jealous after I saw his trout.
 So, It was off to Rolli to get some water cress.
 I had a little better luck...
 My first trout of 2015!
 I managed to pull two nice browns out of the same hole.

The start of good things to come!