Monday, October 26, 2015

Just Another October Day

 I pressed 7 gallons of apple cyder and kept a few gallons back to make some hard cyder.
 Saturday we went car shoppin in CR.  A former student just happened to make the pitch.  But, the car sold it's self.

Then we went down town and checked out the New Bo Market in CR.  Great food and a nice day out.
 Sun set dog walking.
 Cool old bee comb honey boxes from back at Albert's place

Another beautiful dog walk.
 Mart and I fished upper brush creek.

 The deer and beaver put a dent in the food plot!

Monday, October 19, 2015


 Rolled into Paul's with Jose' and unloaded the gear before shuttling the Tsunami Bus North to Durango for the night.

Once the bikes were loaded onto the bike blender there was time to go into Paul's and catch the Iowa football game.
Paul's has all kinds of animals mounted on the wall.
 Chris from the Davis Family Band has his bike decked out for the ride.
 Baby face.
 Bob's making a plan.
 Would you like a tic tac?
 Let's hear it for the Team!  Way to go B0B!
 Cheese and Sausage stop in Graft!
 We found Michael Breibach's dog found the open bus door and made himself right at home.


It got cool and I didn't pack a sleeping bag.  It was definitely a 3 dog night and I didn't even have one.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


 Beau was back so we hiked Harold's wild timber! 
Harold would often talk about his wild timber full of snakes and wildcats.

We found a puffball, a flock of wild turkeys and lots of multiflora rose.
 The deep ravine was pretty gnarly.
 Our big find was the Skunk Ape skull.
 Hill climb back to the truck.
 Alex, Scott's son really loves nature, as you can clearly see.

It's always great to have Beau back home.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Diggin Tators

It was a good day to dig up the sweet potatoes and tighten up the hoop house
 I've got a few greens started
 The vines are gone and my new handle for the tater fork didn't fair too well.
 We burned the brush pile.

 The hounds relaxed and the sweet potato bed is ready for some buckwheat and tillage radishes.

Fall is Here.

 I couldn't have ended up at a nicer place on a Friday afternoon after school.

I hit a stretch of stream that I hadn't been to for a while and I was surprised to find these magnificent stream cairns.  Thank you to who ever took the time and craftsmanship  to construct these towers.

Looking up the bluff there was an awesome cave entrance that I could picture a Native American perched back in the day.    
 Wanting to get a closer look and always up for a Danger hike I climbed  up the cliff face about 3/4s of the way before common sense took over, not my strong suit.

The climb up looked doable but the drop down to the stream was a ways down and I was flying solo, so there was no one to call the paramedics.
 So, it was back down to the stream for a little more fishing before Susie and I went downtown to meet up with some friends for the Friday night social hour.

We were up bright and early for a walk through the DBQ farmers Mkt and to retrieve the Bus from the Voices show.  Only after we grabbed a cup of joe and a breakfast sandwich. 

We also spent some time talking to James Kendal who has taken over Annie's Acres and providing the Bellevua area with some great produce.

We ran down to the Warehouse to pick up the van but guess who forgot to  bring the keys.

Saturday afternoon we hit an outdoor wedding reception  to celebrate a great young couple, Brian and Rachel and their boy Rye.

 Rachel's grandma made some wonderful cakes for the party.  The banana raspberry was the best.  
 We found a sunny spot by the wood pile out of the wind to soak in all the joy of the day.

Then back up to Dubuque for round two with three sets of van keys.

Side note getting the van  out was just as sketchy as getting it in the space.