Monday, September 26, 2011


Took the long way home friday after school.  the first stop was at Zach's land takes up most of a section.  the old farmsted sitsing the center of the section down a long sandy lane.

  The prairie is a Shortgrass prairie; Sand and sandsage prairie; Mixed prairie .... with eastern red cedar a dominant tree, especially in sites sheltered from fire.

 Little bluestem and side oats grama are two of the  common grasses along with Prairie Bush Clover, also known as the Slender-Leafed Bush Clover, is a Federally Threateded prairie plant endemic to the Tallgrass Prairie and

Hoary Vervain - The genus name, Verbena, is Latin for "sacred plan.t," and refers to an ancient time when the plant was thought to be a cure-all among medicinal plants.

Saturday I pulled 20 frames off the bee hives to extract and one frame of Ross rounds for comb honey

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Susie’s Birthday weekend in Madison.

  Rolled into Madison Friday evening.  Checked into HoJo’s and took off  for the downtown area to grab a bite to eat.  After an hour wait for a table at the Old Fashoned, which wasn’t all that bad because of the great selection of fine Wisconsin beverages, we got a table up front.
Whoever came up with the idea of putting an egg over-easy on top of an already delicious cheeseburger with bacon should be the real Governor of Wisconsin.  RECALL WALKER

We were up early and out the door for
the Dane County Farmers’ Market on the Square is a Saturday  tradition in Madison, Wisconsin. You’ll find the season’s best bounty of vegetables, flowers, and specialty products from approximately 300 vendors throughout the year. About 150 vendors attend every Saturday.  All of the agriculturally-related items are produced in Wisconsin. We got there early for the pink pearl apples.  At the goat cheese stand Susie pointed out a guy who bought 30+ pounds of cheese  plus he had a large wagon with wooden sides labeled graze.

The idea for Graze came from Chef Tory’s love of comfort foods. Inspired by the New York gastropub scene, the menus feature a range of classics executed on a higher level than traditional pub food.   After introducing our selves to chef tory we had to hit Graze for some breakfast and good coffee.  Susie did a chocolate croissant with a back up for the ride home and I did the mushroom and cheese croissant.

It was game day so the market filled up rapidly as the day progressed we walked around campus for a while and then we went home by way of Black Earth Wisconsin, home of the Shoe Box.
Four more hours of working on Susie’s new sculpture and then off to the Voices show in Dubuque.  Shots of the sculpture from start to finish coming soon.