Sunday, June 28, 2015

Exploring In Denver.

 We rolled into Denver yesterday afternoon and hoofed it down to the Denver Flea at a parking garage.

There were  lots of venders selling everything you could possibly imagine.  
 JJ was set up with the I Get Down Colorado gear next to the Vdub
 Saturday evening we met up with Beau down at Brothers for a bite to eat before he had to work.  With our stomachs full it was a slow walk down the ped mall back to the room.
 Susie found her first Tesla. 

And I found another bus

and another. 

This morning after our breakfast at Snooze we went to the Denver Botanic Garden to walk off another fine meal.

We got another opportunity to check out

Butterfield horses at the Denver botanic gardens

We also got lots of great ideas as we walked to paths of the gardens

Congrats Brother Greg!

 After a 36-year career with the Council Bluffs Police Department in which he was able to “do it all,” My brother Greg  is turning in his badge.   

Greg’s career also included 20 years, from 1987 to 2007, as the reserve officer training coordinator, developing a curriculum of training based in part on the hiring practices for full-time officers.
He also served for years on the department training committee, working to bring advanced training seminars to the department and participating agencies on K-9, firearms instruction and murder investigations.
Greg moved to the criminal investigation division in 2000, focusing on youth and elderly abuse cases, sexual assault and general assignments for seven years. He moved to the records division in 2010, serving as the point of contact for residents that stop by the police station for a variety of reasons.
 Awards earned during his service include two “Officer of the Year” accolades from the Council Bluffs Rotary Club, the U.S. Police K-9 Association “Case of the Year” and a service award for his work as reserve training coordinator.

Now he'll have more time for fishing and hanging with hi grandkids.   Way to go BIG Brother!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fishin With Brother Steve.

 Brother Steve came over today to do a little trout fishing on Big Mill. 

After last weeks rain the stream has changed, a new hole here and an old hole filled in here.  All an all the stream conditions were very good.
 The DNR reworked the stream last year and really opened things up.

It makes it nice for wippin the fly rod around.

That's Steve down stream.

Fish on!
A nice Rainbow.
 Up stream at Roly I caught the pretty little Brown and saw quite a few other small trout. 
 Then down to the cabin to see Bob and Alana.  Mary, Jack  and Molly also came down for the evening.

More Family fun next weekend when we celebrate brother Greg's retirement.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Swarm

 As Becker Has Hives continues to grow I've upgraded much of my equipment to the eight frame configuration as opposed to the ten frame set up. 

Why?  The weight for moving boxes around, 4.8 - 5.2 lbs honey / medium frame.

After I got back from fishing yesterday am I got a call from one of my Hive Hosts, Ann that her bees had swarmed.

 When a honey bee swarm emerges from a hive they do not fly far at first. They may gather in a tree or on a branch only a few yards from the hive. There, they cluster about the queen and send 20 - 50 scout bees out to find suitable new nest locations.
 We clipped some lilac branches and got the majority of the  30-50 thousand of the bees relocated into the hive body and I loaded them into the back of the jeep and sped off for home.

With the bees now in their new hive box the trick is to keep them from swarming again.  A few frames of honey and a frame of larva should do the trick.

We'll see.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Father's Day Memories.

 I was out picking strawberries when I got an early morning call to wish me a happy fathers day. 
It got me thinking about my fond memories of boating up the Maquoketa river at Backbone state park with Big Jim and Joyce.  Not only would dad sing but he would tell Indian stories as the June, full moon would rise over white horse leap, a huge limestone bluff.  He told of the Indian maiden who left camp one fall to trap beaver with Chief  Shortcake.  When she returned alone the following June all alone she told a tale of a great bear attack in their camp.  When asked what became of the Chief she replied " Squaw berried Shortcake".

I have been truly blessed as both a Son and a Father!

Chips off the Old Block.

 Hickory and Ryder Schnaithmann with their wives Amanda, Trisha and the newest member of the tribe, Mason were back home to see friends and family and we were lucky enough to be invited to the gathering.

Their Pops, Jim is a stone mason, woodworker and ballet dancer.
 Mart, Hickory and Levi snack on Joanie's egg rolls in front of a huge stone hearth that Jim built. 
 Jim has an amazing collection of old crock pots and stoneware as well as copper cookware.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hanging With Some Goodfellows.

This weekend Susie and I drove out to the West coast of Iowa to hang with our friends Bo and Cynthia.  They along with their friends Johnny and Falicia a took the reins for organizing a bike ride along the bike trail system of the Missouri and its all for a good cause.

 The Sioux City Journal has been committed to The Goodfellows Charity for over 100 years. They provide gifts for over 9,000 children during Christmas.

 Just checking out one of the bikes.
 Skuliy has a great little flask and holder.  I think a lot of the bikers I talked to got a few Christmas gift ideas
 Break time with the girls along the Big MO.
 Susie and her nutcase.
 Pit stop at Famous Dave's on the ride
 EZ riders.
 Time to step up.
 Bo, Chad and Paul.
 Post ride dinner party with our new and old friends.

Thanks for all the F U N !