Saturday, January 21, 2012


 The storm rolled in early Friday morning and school let out by 12:30.  Beau and I took the dogs out for some nordic style bushwhakin back in the timber and down the old logging road to the abandoned farm down in the bottom. 

 Then today we met up with friends out at joan and marty's  for some back country skiing, Jackson county style. We were right in the sweet spot for yesterdays storm, picking up just over 7" of fresh powder.

My role seems to be that of trail buster with strong back and weak mind.  By the time we had made it around to Louie's lodge we had all broken a bead and were ready for a break and a seat around the fire.  The smell of cedar and the warmth of the fire was a tough vortex to pull our selves out of.

A loop down the valley and then back to the top of the ridge helped to build up an appetite.  The cook stove in Joans kitchen felt warm an inviting.  Susie had made a spicy carrot, potato and leek stew to be served over rice and Joan had a made a curry spiced squash stew.



 Its been a great couple days of bird watching.  The feeders have been busy.  Yesterday we had 8 male cardinals,  harry, downy and red bellied wood peckers, nut hatches, tit mice, finches, grackles and blue jays.  This morning as we drank our coffee a eagle flew over the house and dropped in to roost in our oaks.  Over a hundred eagles hanging out below the lock and dam in town.

Below is a passing shot of some Canadian Geese that are getting a late start for the run South.

You've got to get out and enjoy it while you can.

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