Tuesday, January 31, 2012

50 PLUS.

 Lastd ay of January an it's 50*  plus outside.  Jason posted that he did well fishing yesterday so I hit the stream to try my luck with the fly rod.

  I've fished with a fly rod since I was a small boy.  Jigging, casting and flipping for crappies, bluegills, smallies and trout.  But, fly fishing with light tackle is a new ballgame.  Tonight was better than the last outting, at least I didn't loose any flies.

Fishing a stream that's a little more open helps.  The more I fly fish the more I become aware of  what its going to take to get a fish on.  Stealth approaching the stream, a well placed cast, the proper drift into the pool and the part that I've missed so far... setting the hook and landing a trout.

Not a  total wash today.  We've been studying streams in class and when I was checkin out the gravel bed I found a little chunk of antler or maybe it's just odd  shaped rock.  Or a stick?  I'll let ya know after I clean it up.

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