Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Learning To Fly Again.

We got our first measurable snow fall last weekend. So, we finely got out and strapped on the skis.  Saturday we ventured over to the land of "Recall Walker" to at our friends Pete and Kathy.

Their log home lies at the confluence of the Platte and Little Platte Rivers  in exceptionally hilly terrain known as the Driftless area of south eastern Wisconsin. Many steep limestone bluffs dominate the landscape, covered by white pines, which is uncharacteristic in the region.

They had 15 of us over for an afternoon of outdoor activities.  Some hiked and took a toboaggan for a walk and a few of us cross country skied followed by a great meal.

 Here's a shot of Pete and Shawn.  Below that is Susie and Shawn's wife Barb.

Before we sat down to eat Pete showed me his beautiful split bamboo fly rod that he had made last fall.  Great action.  He also gave me an assortment of wet and dry flies that he had tied.

Susie and I got out and skied the hay field Sunday am.  It was nice to be able to walk out the door strap the skies on and go.  Great exercise.

Monday evening I hit the stream before the cold snap hit.  Nice, light weight action but my fly line kept  hitting the water like a bull whip with a splash.  It wasn't too long before got rat nested in a little box elder across the stream.

Spooking trout right and left and this little bunch of geese too.   Down to the next little ripple and hung up again.  Snapped tipit, tie a new fly on with cold finger tips and a few more casts and that was the end of Mondays flying lesson.  Big learning curve here.  It might be a while before I catch another trout but I'll keep at it.

Looking forward to another batch of snow this weekend and some more skiing.
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