Saturday, December 31, 2011


S Novym Godom, Gutes Neues Jahr, Boldog új évet, Priecigus ziemassvetkus Szczesliwego Nowego roku, Monono ilo raaneoan Nejin  and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you in Russia, Latvia ,Western Europe,The Marshal Islands, North America and right here in Iowa. 

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Its been a great year and I feel blessed to live the life as we do. 

We're not homesteders as such, but we do live a simple life that is in touch with the cycle of work and rest is evident throughout nature.  Ideally, it is in the morning when we engage in our most important work of the day, performing those activities necessary for the subsistence, our bread labor and for Susie it often involves the making of some wonderful bread. 

Midday meals can be followed by an afternoon lull--a nearly universal break time in preindustrial societies.  We resume our activities in the late afternoon  after coffee or tea, but at a slower pace.  An evening walk with the dogs down through the timber and past the old abandoned farm is good for them as well as the two of us. 

The conclusion of the work day brings a social time, with some variant of the cocktail hour. Our son Beau and dogs, Maxine and Ace are two things that bring joy to our lives each and every day.  

Our approach to living, based largely on the reduction of wants and a mostly non-monetary return from our organic horticulture, bee keeping and other sorts of labor.  We offered an almost "open-house" situation at our home, so that visitors could experience this way of life and learn a bit if they desire.

Scott Nearing gave the following advice to a young student:

"Share something every day with someone else; if you live alone, write someone; give something away; help someone else somehow ... this will allow you to forget your own troubles. You are too valuable a person to waste your time in moping, recriminations and self-pity. Get on to the job you came here to do and do it with all of your might."

Today Bob and I got together out at Roli for a New Years Eve day hike.  Here's a shot of bob and molly near one of the old barns on  the property. 

I gathered some water cress and tried out my new fly rod on the stream.  With the water so clear the trout were really spooky.  But, down at the lower end I managed to drop a line in over the bank and coax a nice brown out from under a rock.  For my last trout of 2011.  

Home for a bit to block up and split a few wheel barrows of fire wood and then Susie and I took a drive out little mill so she could get some shots of the paints with her holga camera.


 This year I will try to take some time each week to highlight one of the many irons that I have in the fire such as the gardens, art projects, tile, stone, or wood work, taping the maple trees, nature and fishing. 
Susie finally got her etsy site up and running.  Just CLICK... She is still adding pieces, so check it out when you get a chance.