Friday, February 23, 2018


Turn around don't drown!

 When the streams are running too high to fish it's time to do a little shed hunting 

So why not go with the odds.  Take a look around they can go anywhere and they do.
Where are the antlers likely to be?  How about where the deer are. 

Ok, find a deer path and keep following it until you hit an area where the deer go. 

 Where they bed down or where they feed.  So where they feed.  Bean and corn fields.   A guy can cover a lot of  ground with good eyes or binocular. 

Either side of the fence line the sheds will go flying as a buck jumps a fence or creeps between the barbs.

Where will they bed down... a sunny hillside in the timber or set aside.  The does tend to hang together and the bucks tend to bed down on their own. 

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