Saturday, February 3, 2018

Super Bowl Weekend.

 Friday I helped judge cupcake wars.  I told the kids I'm spoiled with great baked goods at home but as long as they're trying I'm ok with that.
 Then it was up to the smoke stack for a democratic fund raiser for Abby Flenkenauer running for first district congressman/woman and this guy form maryland who is planning on making a run for the white house in 2020.
 She was a dynamic speaker who is a big union backer.  Then we ran into our future neighbor in down on the east end of DBQ,Falisha. A former student down in Maquoketa.
 After a little mexican and a brew down at Jubecks we were back at the townhouse for our first night in Dubuque.  We hit the farmers market early and then headed back down river to Bellevue. 
 After blocking up a good load of boxelder and hackberry I stopped in to see what Jace was up to.
Timing is everything.  High noon and Josh had some ribs on the the grill.  Cheers!

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