Sunday, January 28, 2018

A Full Day of Adventure

With temps. in the upper 40's and no taps out yet, I took the pups for a long walk. 
 Two deer trails diverged in the woods and I took the one less traveled or at least less traveled by any bucks dropping sheds. (frost?)
 I found this skull last spring and it hasn't moved too far from where I last saw it
 I can't believe Beau and I didn't pick up these stones twenty some years ago when we gathered rock from a nearby foundation
 But at that time we went for the easy pickins.
 Beau with the pry bar along with Zali 
Beau and I made many trips back and forth from the old foundation to the truck and back to the house to unload and then do it all over again. 
 Maxine checks out the smells all around this fallen oak I just wish I could get it out of the timber and to the woodlot to block up for next winter.
The Ohlert's and I gave the North fork a try now that the ice has gone out.  No luck.

Here's a shed hunting up date.... Susie found a chewed fork.  She's on the board with one.

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