Sunday, January 21, 2018


 With the fridge weather, much of the new year has been spent indoors.
 This time of year I always look forward to Wednesday nights Fatman's basketball and the Legion afterward. 
Ace is back at it after his surgery to remove two golf ball sized fat tumors.
 Jace and I managed to find a stretch of water that wasn't froze over.

 No luck today but I think this little beaver  pool will hold a few small brown trout in the future.
 Along the ridge overlooking the stream I spotted this limestone shelf.
 I don't mind taking the time to explore these little outcrops to look for artifacts from other fishermen who had spent time in this valley. 
and catch a few rays while Jace catches up with me

 I have yet to break the ice and catch a trout in 2018 although I've had nice browns take swings, flash. bump and break my line.   You know this week I'll make the time to get back at it.

 Around the yard I've started to prune the fruit trees.  
 Even the bees were active with the warm temperatures

 Footwear up grade this year 
some Salomon X ultra's for hiking and yesterday I just got my Vasque Arrowhead's for snow and it's in the forecast for Monday.
 We hit the Mill last night and Susie got to spend some quality time dining with the boys.

Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo’s

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