Sunday, February 7, 2016

He Said, She Shed...

 It's Super Bowl Sunday and the sun is shining, the temps are in the low *40's.  So, I start thinking about spring projects like getting my bee hives set up and maple syrup equipment ready for a run of *40 days.

I was happy to see some activity when I went down to check out my hive.
 I opened up the top and check things out.  They had a good supply of honey and they were quite active.
 I hopped into the car to check a couple of other hives.  Ann's hive which swarmed twice last summer looked strong.

 While Donnie and  Nick's hives both struggled to make through the January cold snap.
 He said jump the fence and walk under the cedars.

She said I'll just walk along the fence line.  

As I slid on patches of ice I heard "oh my god, oh my god!"

The result was this BIG 5 with a small kicker at the base.   Way to go Susie.

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