Saturday, February 20, 2016

First trip down to the Sugar Bush.

 After hauling some supplies down to the sugar bush I was ready to unpack some gear and tap a few trees and see how the sap is flowing.

In the past years the first sap run has hit at the start of the second week of March right around the 8th or 9th and  I've always had a good snow base for the first run.

No snow, leads to a problem of how to keep the sap and beer cool.

 Taps and a couple a hand drills.  Still trying to track down my other drill from last spring.
 This just shows how an old scar can heal with time.

A couple of years back a large wind fall branch slammed into this maple.

 The winter winds have dropped a lot of old widow makers that have grown weak in the roots. 

I would much rather block up a fallen tree than drop a tree in the timber and it's mighty handy when it drops just a few yards away from the sap stove.

 First bag on.  Let em drip.

Stove is a little iced up.

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