Saturday, December 12, 2015


 Where to start?  Wow about a final cruse for 2015?  So, a good start is to top off the tank.  Even though the Tsunami is only going to be parked for  4-5 months, there's no need to add a fuel stabilizer. Fuel doesn't tend to destabilize until it sits for a year or so. Still, I'm convinced that adding fuel stabilizer is important for wintertime storage.

The next big thing is to rodent proof it.   There's nothing worse than opening up your camper for the spring... and finding that you've had some unwelcome tenants living there all winter long. The kind of tenants that leave, um, surprises for you to clean up. Yuck. So, before you tuck your vehicle away for the winter, make sure it is clean and tidy. Don't leave food stored in there. That's just asking for trouble. Some folks use mothballs, as most rodents won't get near those nasty things. Also, if you've got a full camper Riviera , you can shove some coarse steel wool in the breather-to-battery compartment(s). That's a common entry point for those buggers. Bounce dryer sheets also work to repel mice.

 My ride was toasty with the unseasonably warm December weather with temps hanging right around 50`.   My buddy heater seems to do the trick taking the moisture out of the air too.
I did add a clear shower curtain to keep all the heat up in the cab.

So, with Tsunami all winterized bring on the snow!

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