Sunday, December 20, 2015


 With Beau back we took a family hike over the ridge to meet our new Mennonite neighbors1. The Mennonites trace their origin to a radical offshoot of the Protestant Reformation that occurred in the 1500s.
One of the trademark characteristics of Mennonites is their commitment to pacifism. They believe war is never the answer to solving the world's problems.  I'm OK with that.
Mennonite Christians can be confused with the Amish because the two groups hold many of the same beliefs and practices, according to Religion Facts. Both groups are known for religious reform and pacifism, and each believes in individual Bible study and a commitment to a sin-free life after conversion and adult baptism.
What primarily distinguishes the Amish from the Mennonites is the Amish create their own communities separate from the rest of society and avoid technology, Mennonite Christians believe in living in the world but not being of the world in terms of embracing worldly spiritual and moral values. The Mennonites embrace technology.  They have been busy with concrete and road work for their chicken and cattle operations.

It's great to have Beau back for the Holidays before he starts up his new career as a police officer down in Colorado Springs after the first of the year.

This time of year with deer hunting season in full swing a guy doesn't venture out into the timber with his blaze orange.
This the season to wear orange.
Beau always has his eyes pealed for a shed or a skull.  A little late for this buck but we'll find room for it on the shed of sheds.
Other projects in the mix...  We're bottling up our second batch of hard cider.  The first was dry and the plan is to sweeten this batch up.
For some reason it turned out much better when Susie is in-charge of the recipe.
Lock 12 Music Store along with Trent Seiverding lined up a great night of local talent for their second night of Toys for Tots.

Silver Threads started the night off.  It was great seeing Greg and Deb back up on the stage.
Bryce took a break from the Reeg family party to play a 15 min. set.   And Abby joined him on the tambourine.
The crew from GI came out of the bottoms to listen to Jammer.

Guess who?
Best outfit of the night!
Tanner, Jesse, Nic and the Medinger brothers.
Whiskey Revival.

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And Santa is keeping busy.
Thanks for the card Pete!

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