Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend Projects

 After three years of working on the Moon Hawk sculpture garden, we finely finished it up this weekend.
 Susie raised her hands in victory as Maxine awaits praise or a treat or what ever happens next.

here's a link to an earlier post about the lavender garden. 
What happen next is, on to the next set of projects.

Like a Rock dance in the bone yard prepping it for the installation of the mosaic bambi.

 Or the installation of a new drain tile and set of steps for the front entrance to the school house.
 What would mother's day weekend be without a danger hike and mushroom hunting.
 I took the high road while Maxine took the low road.
 Wrong type, nice try.
 Pete stopped by with some chicks and he also gave me a hand moving the tiled deer sculpture to the bone yard.  Thanks Pete!
 Baby chicks and another project done.

And Susie was one happy girl!

Time to celebrate down at the Mill with some Blues and Barbecue!

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