Sunday, March 22, 2015


 March Madness,  boiling sap and several visitors down to the sugar bush this weekend.

I had to stop by the stream and try my luck on such a beautiful afternoon. 

A couple of little suckers and no trout,  I just hit the one hole along the road because I've got to hurry back home and get a fresh batch of sap on the stove.
 And that's just what I did.

With the sunshine filtering through the trees, warm early evening temperatures and bags with sap dripping.
 Great way to relax on a Friday afternoon.  

Load up the wood box on the stove and it's off to town to catch some NCAA round of 32, second round basket ball games. 
 An IPA with a little head on it and we're all settled in to watch some Big Ten Basket ball.   First up is the Hawkeyes  -vs- Davidson
 We were all happy with the out come.

MRX got to the Off Shore in time to grab us a few seats at the bar.

Up next, Bucky Badger -vs- Coastal Concordia...

Good wins for both teams.

 We did the bike transfer in the parking lot but managed to talk Mark into coming back to Bckrvue, for a late night run down to the timber to stoke up the fire and a little basket ball in the driveway.

Some late night fire stoking shots.

 We may have been a little out of focus.
A few more helpers came by on Sunday.

Dean and his boy Ben lent a hand and emptied some bags of sap for the next batch.

Later on that same day Mike came by with a growler of his Irish Red,  which I'm enjoying at this very minute.......

Life is good!
Go Hawks!
Go Badgers!

Flow Sap!

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