Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Aniversery!

  My folks were married in Feb of 43?. Dad was in the Army Air Corp as a staff Sargent as a weatherman. After D day he traded his weather vane in for an M1 and fought in the European theater. 

When Germany surrendered, he was sent back home on leave in August before being shipped to the Pacific.

 On that summer day, he and my mother ( 5 months pregnant with my sister Alana) decided to take a boat ride on the Maquoketa River near his home town of Cascade, Iowa.

As they made the bend in the river, my dad could see his mother Pearl on the bridge as if she was looking for them.

Dad the forever practical joker, thought it would be funny to have his mom see my mother rowing the boat in her delicate state. 

As mom took the oars, rowing to the bridge, they could hear dad's mother yelling and waving her hands. When they finally got close to hear.


She said;
The Japs surrendered, and why the hell is Joyce rowing!

 My dad was a conservation officer for the Iowa DNR for 37 years, he retired in 1983. The two colored photos 10-26-83, his last day on the job.
dad live another 20 years. He was no doubt my inspiration to become an officer. I like him, will be retiring with 37 years on the job as well.

Thanks to my big brother Greg for sharing this story.

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