Saturday, January 17, 2015


 Second semester has started with a "Winter" themed door decorating contest.

Evelyn one of my freshmen homeroom students drew the poster for the door..

She's the one on the skis.

Root beer floats and Susie's cupcakes for the class.
 Susie and I have been wanting to get on the ice sense Christmas time.
 The warm Southern winds for the last few day has made for a dramatic change in the weather.  With overcast sky's the temperatures reached 40* so, we laced up the ice skates and hit the rink at the park in town.
 Our goal was to get back on the ice again and skate a few laps and not break something in the process.
 Susie got the hang of things after a few laps and the poor ice conditions didn't help.

 The action was fast and furious with hot pucks zipping across the ice.

We'll do it again soon and hopefully we'll have some better ice.
 I also had a chance to get a peak at the hives to see how the bees fared

Three of the four hives I have around Bellevue did just fine. 

But one hive in Bellevue didn't do quit as well and two more hives over near Maquoketa froze during the cold snap too.

Maxine checking out the ice down by the cabin,
It might be a while before we can do any curling.

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