Wednesday, July 24, 2013


 For the past two weeks plus, Marty and I have been installing 21 new windows and three new door at our friends Jerry and Gails.  Mart and Joan are bustin out for the mountains on the weekend  so we've got a few days for a little RnR..

We got our buddy Steve fired up for some fishing and believe me, it didn't take much.  Steve knows the river better than anyone in the area.  He is the ultimate outdoors man.  After a pot of Joe at Steve and Peg's we jumped into his 95 Vanagon with with the boat and we hit the river...

We fished the rip-rap just below the dam on the East side and more than once we had all had fish on.

 We pretty much had the river to our self the only other fishermen were the pelicans that hung out below the dam.
We stopped by the shore line of the old Bellevue button factory and picked up some of the old discarded shells and some of the old button blanks

Round saws were used to cut blanks or circular pieces from the clam shell. The white pearl shells were often 1/2 inch or more thick. This blank was divided into several unfinished buttons which were ground on a traveling band that passed under grindstones. A depression was made in each disk and holes drilled for the thread. The buttons were then smoothed, polished with pumice stone and water in revolving kegs, sorted, and sewed on cards. The "holey" shells and rough blanks can still be found in the soil along the river.

 Mart and I just couldn't call it a day just yet so we went up river to  the cabin.  We kicked it old school like Huck and Tom and rowed the boat a mile up river then drifted back down the Mississippi and pitched for bass.
 We each caught fish and we each missed a few.
Tonight we on the road to Cascade for the Braves game in the tourney semi finals.  Catch ya later.

Update Braves win!   Fished Thursday.
More bass, a couple northern and a trout out on little mill.


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