Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Ya Been Up To?

 So what have we been up to? 

Well you know that window trim that I've thought about fixing for the last 18 years.
 Not a big job and I had the red paint out to do some touch ups here and there.
 The window trim is done.

We've gotten a little time in on the bikes.

Maxine and Ace are always ready for a run back to the barn.
 Susie and I took the bikes down to Sabula to tool around the Island.  We hit a beautiful day and had a blast!
 We spotted a Uncle Pie sticker in the window of one of the bars. 
 This morning we were up in Milwaukee visiting Kendo.

We got up early to make a run down to the lake shore and worked on our cartwheel skills.
 Susie's form was a little better than mine

 We gathered up some rounded wave tumbled stones and a few nice pieces of sea glass.
 A little yoga and back to  Iowa.


  1. put a helmet on that girl. she is way to pretty to have her head banged on a sidewalk!