Thursday, May 30, 2013


I've been out of school for less than a week and most of my time has been spent dodging rain showers and mulching the garden.

The hope is that the time prep time spent now will pay big dividends in the long run when it come to pulling weeds and harvesting produce.

 Today brother Steve came over from Wisconsin to catch up, drop off his backpack, a European adapter and to do a little trout fishing.

Note the little suede trout creel on his hip...Big Jim used it for years.

  Steve racked up the points today.




with five in just a matter of minutes.

The rain held off until after our fishing trip and I wish I could have said the same thing for the gnats.
The Buffalo gnats in our area are due to high water levels in our local river and its tributaries and the recent rains . These pests lay eggs on rocks and plant material that is then covered by higher water allowing the eggs to hatch in early spring as the water warms.

 Swarming near this moving water, thousands of these black flies cause havoc with fishermen, gardeners, livestock and poultry.

  I may have got the point for the largest. 

But who's counting....

It was nice to catch up with Steve even though he out fished me.

 for an update of some of our others projects around the house check out Susie's link below.

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