Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Old Bucks.

 Big old bucks get to be that way by using rougher terrine when traveling and bedding down away from younger bucks in thickets.  So, even though the weather was on the verge of changing over from rain to snow, I got out with the dogs for an evening walk. 
As I walked the dogs this evening I thought about a story  my buddy told me about, while he was bow hunting  he watched an old buck bed down in among the the branches of a fallen oak.  Totally out of sight. 

 They say that old bucks makes scrapes both early and late in the year.

 but not really what I was looking for.
 and these bones don't go with that scull.
Good puppy.

photo opt. 
Among the brush at the base of this old oak is where he took his final rest.

My heart raced when I found this one I'll have to hike back and look for an old broad head among the bones

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