Sunday, August 20, 2017

Getting There.

 Some progress is being made in DBQ but we won't be in by Sept 1
 We're fired up about the progress in the kitchen.  With beautiful hickory cabinets in and counter tops in their proper place we are one step closer
 I mounted the spare on the nose of the bus which gets it out of the back to open up more storage.
 So, it's getting there
 Joan and Mart are back home.  We headed across the river to Savanah IL to ride bikes and catch up on what's been going on.
 We biked S. on a nice paved trail that runs all the way to the 
Quad Cities.  Through river bottom forests, sand prairies with cactus growing and Mississippi back water marshes full of migratory birds.
At the Depot Susie found a brochure for the chocolate trail.  Who knows how long it will be before we get there.

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