Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cool and Clear.

 Rad was back in Bellevue playing down at the Mill after a twenty year hiatus.

Radoslav Lorkovica Croatian-born pianist/accordion player known to most everyone around here as “Rad,” played songs from his 1990 debut album “Clear and Cold,” an awesome rendition of On Your Way Down by Allan Touissant. Little Feet made it a big hit. It was on the same album as Dixie Chicken and he told a lot a stories of working on the Mill near 30 years ago with the usual suspects.

 Up early and on the river for a little paddle fish snaggin with Rich, Jerry and Josh.

Josh and I each had a fish with in the first 20 minutes on the water.  Each of them ran about 27 " from the eye to the fork in the tail.  Anything over 33"  you've got to cut loose.
 Down in the sugar bush I had lots of full bags of sap and it looks like we're in for a good run over the next few days.
 The sap is Cool and Clear and the bags are bags are a little iced up from last nights cold snap.
 Ice in the bag means one thing...

Cold beverages.

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