Monday, August 4, 2014


 I met brother Steve up in DBQ this morning to get in a day of fishing before I head back to school next week.

Steve bought a new little Mincota trolling motor for his canoe.  It kicked us along at a pretty good clip.
We stopped by Baily's Ford and hit the trout stream for an hour before we headed up to the park.  The DNR had stocked the stream on Saturday so there were plenty of trout in the stream.

Steve dropped me off at the upper end of the stream and it wasn't long before I hooked one below a small ripple

Then three more in the next two pools down stream below an over hanging bluff.

 Up on the Maquoketa, at Backbone.  We put the canoe in across the lake from the beach.

 It's a shame how much the lake has silted in over the last 40 year, sense our family had owned the cabin that bordered the state park.

We fished the shoreline along the lower end of the lake and it wasn't long till  Steve caught a descent crappie.

Long story,  short.  I never caught another fish all day.  While Steve caught several other little pan fish to go with the trout that he caught at Baily's

I ended up catching 4 nice trout.  While My big brother caught 4 different species and about a dozen fish total.

 A few more outings before I have to return to school. 


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