Sunday, March 30, 2014


 Spring is here and each and every day there's a new look here around Bckrvue.  The warm summer breezes carry large flocks of geese north  and the first pair of swans are back on the Mill Pond.
 On the Mississippi the ice flows are breaking up.
 In the timber the sap flow is strong with the cool nights and warm days.

The snow is gone and there are signs of green here and there.

 With the increase of sap came the need to increase sap production.

RR set me up with his chop saw so I could cut into the top of the stock tank.

A 3 X 3 angle iron frame drops right and comes right out.  Great for cleaning out ash build up and easy to swap over for the next stove upgrade in a few years.
 The pan with sap drops right in.

It uses a third less wood and gets the sap to a rolling boil in no time at all.
 The curse of M@rch m@dness struck once again.

As with all new set ups there's always a little learning curve.

After settling in to catch a few elite eight ball games with pizza and a cold one.  I got caught up in the action and let the pan turn to candy. 
 Susies, "Moon Hawk" sculpture got a new look this weekend, too.  After about eight plus hours the grouting was done.

Next,  mounting it on a pole in the garden.

 After some yard work, Susie walked down to the Sugar Bush and convinced me to hike the perimeter of the hayfield and look for sheds.

I'm HAPPY to report I found one!
Another new look...This is the first time my chin has seen the light of day sense November

Look for the signs of spring!

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