Tuesday, February 18, 2014


 I never made it down to the Sugar Bush for the Presidents Day weekend.

This weekend we blocked up the interior of the beautiful fir frame that Marty built for around Susie's bakers table. 

A little nip and tuck here and there and Dr.  Martino had the frame secure and in place.
 Both Marty and Susie checked out the installation in their own ways.
 Actually we all had one to celebrate before heading out to catch Joe and Vicky Price down at Kyles Tap.
 On Saturday Susie and I started what we thought, would be a quick little project.

Well, it took about four time longer than what we planned.  But....

We're really happy with the final product.

 This mornings SunDogs arose from the President's Day snow storm.

They followed the deep furrow of the tractor tire in the new fallen snow  like the Bobsledders that we've been watching in the Olympics.
 So, after school today I got started on my own trail down to the sugar bush.

It's kinda like spring training.  It certainly makes for a good work out hulling gear in and out several times a day once the season gets rollin.
 With deep snow it was slow going but it was good to be back in the timber on a day when the temperature was above freezing.
 It was time to drill a few holes and drop in a few spigots into some maples and see how flows over the next few days.
 One done...about 5 dozen more before I'm finished.

I guess now would be the time to make an open invitation to any one who would like to drill a few taps by hand...to swing on by and give it a try.
So... How deep is the snow?
The spring flow still seems a little ways off.

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