Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Fall projects are underway and many of them get put off until the weekend or in the evening.

First is the mailbox rehab.  Our heavy duty Sears rural mail box from the 60's was a victim of a late night drive by.  Minie's old mailbox took a point blank blast from a 20 gauge 6 shot which left the wad inside the box.

I just found this pic. of the mail box, post shot gun blast....it takes a licking and keeps on ticking or something like that.

After patching the hole Susie did a great job of painting it and embellishing it with beer caps.

I guess we all have to do our part.

Out on the trout stream, the Big Mill bank restoration project is just getting started.  The project will greatly improve water quality, erosion problems and fish habitat on this cold water stream.

The restoration will take place along a 1,000 toot stretch of stream.

Eliminating the cut banks and allowing better access to fishing. 
Once completed desirable trees will be planted along the stream along with native prairie grasses and flowers that would have typically occurred along Mill Creek.
Out at Rolly, I gave Jr. a hand with putting a massive door on the fallout shelter/root cellar.
Years ago Rush dropped a couple of old gas tanks into the ground at various places on the property.

This one and another one up on top of the world.
Back home I removed the old 2x4 panel windows form the chicken coop and upgraded to a double pane picture window.
  The old windows were salvaged from an old house in town 20 years ago and it was time for an upgrade.
The Girls seem to like it and everything is comfy, cozy and dry.
These days when people say; how are things in Bellevue ?  My reply is Dark!  ya leave home in the morning as the sun is rising and return home at night as the sun is setting.
   There's nothing like a good headlight on a moonlit night!

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