Sunday, March 31, 2013


Someone I know stopped by the Sugar Bush.

It's been a great weekend for boiling off some sap down in the timber.  The temps have risen and it's feeling more like Spring each day.

The new chorus I heard in the timber this morning, like that of the Black-capped Chickadees and the little gray bird with an echoing voice, the Tufted Titmouse, aren't singing about air temperature.

It's about daylight. The lengthening of the days gets birds' hormones racing. As the days get longer and birds get active the males start to sing, beginning the period of courtship.  Meanwhile, other birds that pass their winter in warmer climes are just starting to return, like the Gulls, Sand hill Cranes and Snow Geese.

 Each migratory species has its own characteristic route between its nesting and winter ranges, and I'm fortunate enough to do my tapping right here along the Mississippi Flyway.

The dogs and cats always manage to find me but lately I've had a few other folks stop by.  Our neighbor Dustin has stopped by several times watching the maple syruping process and Beau is home from school for a few days and that's always a great help around the house and down in the bush.

This morning Joan and Mart stopped by to check on Susie kitchen/living room remodeling project. 

Later on our good friend Sandy Dyas a visual artist who specializes in environmental portraiture.  

Sandy came by to chat and snap some photos for an upcoming on line show.  I have always admired Sandy, both as an artist and as a creative soul, and have always enjoyed seeing her work she's always had an eye for what's cool.

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of this shoot.
Here's a link to sandy's website/blog check it out.

 And here is my wife Susie's new website/blog too.

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