Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Sunday Maxine and I took off for an afternoon adventure. 

Ryan and his buddy Mike were up north of town on the ice in the sand pit.  They had a good setup with the ice tent with a heater rollin and several tip ups out side.  

After drilling a few holes I fished just long enough to catch my first fish of 2013, a small ring perch.  The last few years of ring perch numbers in our stretch  have been on the rise.  As the numbers have increased so has the size of the perch that we've been catching.  Although, the fish I caught was nothing special. 

That was enough ice time then a quick stop by the trout stream for a few quick casts a the first little pool.  But, then again that's the one everyone hits right by the parking lot.

My goal for the day was to get a little cross country skiing in before the January thaw and to get Maxine out for a good run.  

Well, Jazzy and Maxine got to run all afternoon while Mart and i hit the trails.      

The snow was pretty icy which made for some fast runs down from the top of Marts tree farm.  

Down in the bottom the snow conditions were perfect.              

Joan and Memphis snuck up on us at the lodge.       
Maxine sounded off a few times but we thought she was just barking at some rabbits.
After warming up by the fire we skied back to the house and took the runner sleds for a wild ride down the icy lane. 

The runners refer to the two metal runners that are underneath the sled that contact the snow. A wooden handlebar towards the front of the wooden sled allows you to steer. It's the classic wooden sled design with metal runners underneath that I grew up with.

no luck with any video yet but I'm working on it.  

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