Saturday, June 2, 2012


As an owner and user of a Stihl MS-290 Farm boss and MS-180 mini-Farm boss.  I was hesitant about making the change to Dolmar and spending the change too. But after talking to two  ax men that I greatly respect, I decided to pull the trigger.  On the second pull the saw fired and I set it into a smooth idle for a short warm-up period. While doing this I took time to notice how the saw feels in my hands. There is very little vibration back to the operator thanks to great isolation that DOLMAR builds into it’s saws. Then I realize just how light this thing is. Two pounds might not seem like much, but I can tell already that every ounce will be much appreciated when I've been in the timber cutting for a while. With the engine now warm enough to do some work I blipped the throttle a couple of times to check the engine and sat the bar onto the Elm. At first the saw felt like it was running a little “tight”, not unexpected since it was new, but I was pleased to see the 18” bar chewing through the tree without any sign of bogging. After the initial cut the weight of the downed tree was relieved and lifted one end for me to start doing some speed cuts. As I was cutting through the Elm I was reminded that this was a 50cc saw that was taking almost the complete 18” bar into the cut and didn’t seem to be breathing hard. I wasn’t leaning on the saw mind you, but I was applying steady down pressure to see what the saw could take. Immediately the additional and more aggressive dogs started showing their value as the saw can cut and pivot much better, and straighter than the older saw with the single dog. With every cut the engine seemed to come alive, feeling more nimble and quick. Before I knew what happened I had cut and de-limbed the log and my quick test was over.
 The new DOLMAR PS-5105 is another step in the long line of great DOLMAR chainsaws. The 5105 is a light weight, nimble, powerhouse that can handle anything that I could throw at it without showing any sign of weakness. DOLMAR states many changes to the design like a new design for the magnesium housing, Memory-Power-Ignition for easier starting, Reduced Scavenging Losses, and a Redesigned airflow. I don’t know about any of that, but I do know that it started when I wanted it to, it did the job, and my already sore back wasn’t hurting after use. Overall the PS-5105 is a great saw for an amazing price. I’m a happy new owner of this saw, and I’m sure it will be a worthy companion in the woods for years to come.

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