Monday, March 26, 2012


   The unseasonably warm weather means lots of spring projects.
 That's why I had to hit the timber early this weekend  .This  slope always produces my earliest mushrooms.  I hiked around for more than two hours all conditions seemed right. Morels favor days with highs around 60 and lows in the lower 40s.   We have already had a couple 70 degree days in Bellevue, and next week’s forecast calls for temperatures hitting upper 70*!    Theoretically, a morel in this microclimate could be poppin any day now.   

Like I said, there's lots of work to be done.  Gardens were tilled and planted with peas and potatoes.  The bees got their evacuation notice from the sauna, where they spent the winter.  The hive was alive but weak.  So, I added three frames of brood from my strongest hive and moved it down below with the other hive.  I've got a two pound package and queen on order to replace the hive that died off over the winter.

I cleaned up the wood piles and fired up the Hippy hot tub with all the scrap wood.  


  1. As soon as you can put your bare A$$ on the ground, the morels will be popping!

  2. Well, I did that this weekend to see if the soil was warm enough to plant my taters. So, now itz back to the timber for a quick cheek check. thanks bob