Sunday, June 11, 2017

An Update

Last winter I tied one lure.  I added a couple flicker spinners.
 I said I would give you an update on how it worked.

My brothers and I got together once again for a camping and fishing weekend.
 We weren't the only ones on the water 

 And we had guy repelling down the bluffs along side of us.
 Steve noticed we had the same fishing technique.  Although my filming technique left a little to be desired.   I attempted get some video of Steve landing a nice trout but messed up and didn't get the footage, this time. 
Brother Greg used Steve's fishing kayak.  He has his own style too.  :)
My fly worked on crappies.

 & Large Mouth Bass.
 We were low on fire wood the first morning, after fishing until just past 9 pm, as a lovely full moon came up.  We stayed up late Friday getting caught up on each others lives, families and telling stories until well after midnight.

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