Thursday, December 20, 2012

* Flurricane *

 Our first measurable snow fall dropped over a foot of snow on us.  Closing school two days early for Christmas break. 

I ventured down to the hoop house to get out of the 40 - 50 mph wind gusts, to find the temperature just above freezing. 

Then I noticed the walls of the hoop house were collapsing inward under the weight of the accumulated snowfall. 

After I remove the snow from the sides  they popped right back with only minor damage.


Shortly after lunch the electricity shut off which gave me a good excuse to sit by the fire and read and have a cup of tea as Susie slow cooked a grass fed beef roast on the stove top.

Susie got several gifts wrapped and it wasn't long before the electricity came back on. 

Looking forward to getting back on the cross country skis
after this storm passes.


  1. Is that Maxine hunkered down on the left side of the first photo? She looks like she could go feral at any moment. Don't let her hang out with any West Coast dogs, or she'll be off like a prom dress to Springbrook or Andrew for a fling!

  2. good eye mate, all she wants to do is play ball but the little bit@h won't give it up. kinda like the dubuque county girls. :-}