Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 Beatnik and hipster but with a much cooler zen-bohemian and streetwise hipster vib. That's wh0 came to our gathering last Saturday night.   And, couldn't have gone any better.

All summer has been dedicated to getting our place ready for our Rockabilly Bash.  

We had everything looking good and the weather was exquisite.  It was  a beautiful fall football  Saturday,  that started out with 6:30 am rise and shine for the opening of the Youth deer season. 
Two separate groups of hunters passed through so  by 7:30 it was time to grill the seven pork roasts. 
 Now, don't laugh at my grill stand.  It gets the job done.  I've always liked the webber grills they  are possibly the best of the "mass market" grills on the market its just the legs aren't worth a dam.

By 2:30 the Creeperville Camp crew rolled in to set up camp and listen to the Iowa Hawkeyes  vs  UNI Panters football game and some quality  control on the kegs of Linie's Octoberfest and sample the seven plus brands of whiskey at the whiskey bar.

The band, family, friends and neighbors all rolled in between 6:00 and 7:00 for the great food spread that Susie had put together.The menu consisted of pulled pork tacos, grilled corn and black bean salsa, purple cabbage with pineapple slaw, chips and four wonderful cheese cakes.   Peanut butter fudge, chocolate raspberry, caramel apple and my favorite German chocolate.

  The Fast Clydes are fast, fun, and furious!
 We all danced and had a great time!
Maybe turning 50's not all that bad ;-} 


  1. Sorry to have missed the fest Tommy. Happy Birthday. Any whiskey left over?

  2. We could've used your help. The Templeton Rye and the Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whiskey were the first to go. Followed by the Bushmills and Jack. Then the Diplomatico and Kraken Run got knocked off. But i still have some Makers Mark back for Octoberfest. bob.

  3. Well, I hate to say it, but I'm due for OBF. I'll keep an eye out for some Kesler. Asl Mart if he will allow a drunk bear for one evening in the van.