Friday, February 17, 2012

Time To Make Camp.

 Another hole drilled and another tree tapped and the sap is flowin.  The conditions look good for the weekend.  I've got just over half of my taps put in. 
Tapping the tree doesn't ruin it --- the tree heals itself after you remove the tap. You can keep tapping the same tree year-after-year, just not in exactly the same spot. The tree heals the tap-hole but there is still a small "scar" where the hole was. 

 I like using the bags to collect the sap.  I can roll out about six or more feet, tie off the end of the bag, pop in a copper spigot and wrap with a short piece of wire and Bam, done.

On to the next tree.

I've got this bag weighted with a rock.  Empty bags can really get beat up on a windy day. 

 But, a bag full of sap with a guard dog is just fine.

 Here's a tap that I forgot to pull last spring.

 The red clay works well to tighten all those little leaks in the stove.

Looking forward to a three day weekend in the timber making camp, cleaning up brush,choppin wood,collecting and boiling sap.

50's cocktail/dance party in DBQ.  I'm thinkin rockabilly.

Plus I'ld like to catch a fish or two.

Ernest Hemingway trout fishing 1950's


  1. That dog run off the revenuers? Or does she go for the throat and eat the remains?

  2. look at her she's vicious. Live free of die, brother.

  3. Do you mean live free or die?

  4. typo... not the first or the lost. woops Last

  5. Hey Who's this other Anonymous? I feel like I'm riding with Team Rouge.